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Genie Skin

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Genie Skin

1. Image analyzing

§ A engine software for image analyzing is developed
§ Collected images are presented and analyzed
§ Pore, Wrinkle and Skin color are digitized

2. BIA(bio-electrical impedance analysis)
§ Resistance value of skin is measured by censor
§ Result on moisture and skin oil condition ispre-sented, base upon measured value



  • Intuitive design and easy to handle
  • The application needs small capacity of storages and run swiftly
  • The measured value is changed into visual data which is presented on the screen to understand easily
  • The data is accumulated for more effective skin-care Enable alarm to help user to periodic measuring


Measuring skin condition value

1.Collecting data
▣ Taking high quality picture of 10 magnification by the camera of the product
▣ Skin oil and Moisture values which are measured by censor of the product

2.Analyzing data
▣ Pore, wrinkle and skin color values are measured by analyzing engine
▣ Resistance value of skin is changed into skin oil and moisture values
▣ The measured value from temperature sensor is changed into Celsius degree

3. Presenting analyzed data
Presenting quantitative analysis of measured data
Presenting analyzed data of measured data on the screen
Detailed explanation on measured data
Presenting a comparison with standard value


1. Accumulation of data
▣ Saving result of the measured skin condition value
▣ Each Value is classified by measured part of face and recorded time

2. Comparison of data
▣ Accumulated data is classified by categories that user choose ▣ Presenting a graph with sorted data
▣ User can check the changing condition of skin by graph
▣ User can check data which was recorded in a particular time by just touching points in a graph


1. Registering partial skin problem
▣ User can record skin problems by registering the type of skin problem and the time of occurrence

2. Collecting data and accumulating
▣ Taking picture of skin problems by the camera of 10 magnification on the product
▣ User can periodically take picture of the skin problem which is already registered

3. Managing data
▣ User can check changing of skin problem visually on the screen
▣ User can find out what cosmetics for skin problem is most appropriate by Trouble Note
▣ User can handle the skin problem which happened last time effectively from old data


  • Name of the product : Genie Skin
  • Size : 45(L) x 35(D) x 155(H)mm
  • Weight : 55g
  • Material : Poly Carbonate
  • Camera : 8.0 megapixel
  • Sensor : Skin oil / Moisture / Temperature Sensor
  • OS : Android 4.0 or upper version


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Genie Skin

Genie Skin

Genie Skin

Genie Skin

Genie Skin

Genie Skin